Board Settings

Base overlay project

The source files for the base overlay for supported boards can be found in the PYNQ GitHub. The project can be rebuilt using the makefile/TCL available here:

<GitHub repository>/boards/<board>/base

The base design can be used as a starting point to create a new design.

Vivado board files

Vivado board files contain the configuration for a board that is required when creating a new project in Vivado. For most of the Xilinx boards (for example, ZCU104), the board files have already been included in Vivado; users can simply choose the corresponding board when they create a new project. For some other boards (for example, Pynq-Z1 and Pynq-Z2), the corresponding board files can be downloaded as shown below.

Installing these files in Vivado allows the board to be selected when creating a new project. This will configure the Zynq PS settings.

To install the board files, extract, and copy the board files folder to:

<Xilinx installation directory>/Vivado/<version>/data/boards/board_files

If Vivado is open, it must be restart to load in the new project files before a new project can be created.

XDC constraints file

Please see below for a list of constraint files.