pynq.pl_server PackageΒΆ

The pynq.pl_server module contains the required modules for PL server. Each Linux device works as a singleton client to communicate with PL servers via a unique socket. Multiple devices can co-exist at the same time on a specific platform.

  • pynq.pl_server.server - Implements the top-level PL server for all the devices
  • pynq.pl_server.device - Implements the (programmable) device class.
  • pynq.pl_server.xrt_device - Implements Xilinx Run Time (XRT) enabled device.
  • pynq.pl_server.hwh_parser - Parses useful information from hwh files.
  • pynq.pl_server.tcl_parser - Parses useful information from tcl files.
  • pynq.pl_server.xclbin_parser - Parses useful information from xclbin files.