ZCU104 Overlays

The ZCU104 board has the following features:


  • Zynq UltraScale+ XCZU7EV-2FFVC1156 MPSoC


  • USB-JTAG FT4232H
  • Dual Quad-SPI flash memory
  • MicroSD Card


  • PS DDR4 64-bit Component
  • Quad-SPI flash
  • Micro SD card slot

Control & I/O

  • 4x directional pushbuttons
  • DIP switches
  • PMBUS, clocks, and I2C bus switching
  • USB2/3

Expansion Connectors

  • FMC LPC (1x GTH)
  • 3 PMOD connectors
  • PL DDR4 SODIMM Connector – 64 bit

Communication & Networking

  • USB-UARTs with FT4232H JTAG/3xUART Bridge
  • RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  • SATA (M.2) for SSD access


  • HDMI 2.0 video input and output (3x GTH)
  • DisplayPort (2x GTR)


  • 12V wall adaptor or ATX

For details on the ZCU104 board including reference manual, schematics, constraints file (xdc), see the Xilinx ZCU104 webpage

The following overlays are include by default in the PYNQ image for the ZCU104 board:

Other third party overlays may also be available for this board. See the PYNQ community webpage for details of third party overlays and other resources.