PYNQ image

Pre-compiled images

Pre-compiled images for supported boards can be found via the PYNQ boards page.

If you already have a MicroSD card preloaded with a PYNQ image for your board, you don’t need to rewrite it unless you want to restore or update your image to a new version of PYNQ.

To write a PYNQ image, see the instructions below for MicroSD Card Setup.

Other boards

To use PYNQ with other Zynq boards, a PYNQ image is required.

If a PYNQ image is not already available for your board, you will need to build it yourself. You can do this by following the PYNQ SD Card guide.

You will need to setup and boot your board yourself, and setup a network connection to your computer to start using Jupyter. Once you do this, you can return to the Connecting to Jupyter Notebook instructions.

MicroSD Card Setup

To make your own PYNQ Micro-SD card:

  1. Download the appropriate PYNQ image for your board
  2. Unzip the image
  3. Write the image to a blank Micro SD card (minimum 8GB recommended)

For detailed instructions on writing the SD card using different operating systems, see Writing the SD Card Image.